Organic Pears and Cinnamon Compote
Organic Pears and Cinnamon Compote
Organic Pears and Cinnamon Compote

Organic Pears and Cinnamon Compote


Two sweet ingredients, perfectly matched to each other, are the secret of this delicious Organic Pears and Cinnamon Compote. The spicy cinnamon enriches perfectly the sweet taste of pears, even more intense and distinctive, thanks to the organic processing. This excellent combination is perfect to carry the delicious pies or stuff cookies, but it is also delicious to enjoy au natural, a teaspoon after another not to miss anything of its rich and delicious flavour.

Type: Organic Preserve
Producer: Cooperativa Soc. Koinonia
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 330 g


The Cooperativa Sociale Koinonia, with the brand San Michele Arcangelo, has made the production of organic his strong point and this of course also applies to this Organic Pears and Cinnamon Preserve. The pear is a fruit that is well suited to organic farming, and, like many other fruit quality, love the hilly, windy and with a soil rich in water and organic substances. This particular jam also boasts the presence of cinnamon, also organic, which in combination with pear, helps regulate the percentage of sugar in the blood and helps the digestive process.

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Cooperativa Sociale Koinonia onlus. Località Teglia 12. 63858 Montefortino (FM). The Coop. was founded in 2007, with the purpose of helping disadvantaged people to reintegrate into society through new incentives and growth opportunities. Over the years, with this noble purpose, the Cooperative has created a thriving business, which is closely linked to the territory and offers products rigorously certified as organic by the Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute (ICEA). San Michele Arcangelo's products are handmade, according to the traditional method, and totally respectful of the environment, everything to guarantee the highest quality for the consumer and an unforgettable experience for every palate. 

Organic pears 88%, organic sugar cane, organic cinnamon, organic lemon juice. Nutritional values for 100 gr: Energy Kcal 111, Kj 470; Fats 0,0 g. of which satured fatty acids 0,0 g.; Carbohydrates 26 g. of which sugars 26 g.; Dietary fibers 3,5 g.; Proteins 0,0 g.; salt 0,0 g.

General Information: Preserves can be consumed au naturel or cooked. How to eat: Preserves are delicious spread on warm bread or on a buttered focaccia or cookies. They pair well also with meat, instead of sauces, and with hard and savoury cheeses. Due to the high percentage of fruit, extra preserves are scrumptious also enjoyed by itself, as a dessert. The preserves can be used also to make baked desserts: pies, cookies and cakes. 

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