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Classic Colomba 1 kg
Classic Colomba 1 kg
Classic Colomba 1 kg
Classic Colomba 1 kg

Classic Colomba 1 kg


During Easter Holidays there is a special delicacy which we never give up,  from north to south, we are of course talking about the Classic Colomba. This dessert has ancient roots, which according to some legends date back to the Lombards; even if the Colomba as we know it today was born in Lombardy, it entered some time to become part of the tradition of Easter in the Marche Region. This ancient and prestigious dessert is prepared by Roberto Cantolacqua, combining the best ingredients to a secret ingredient.

Type: classica Colomba
Producer: Pasticceria Mimosa
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 1000g


A soft and delicate dough embellished with candied oranges and covered with a crunchy icing with sugar and Sicilian almonds. This is the synthesis of this delicious author's dove, created by Roberto Cantolacqua and presented in an elegant package.


Pasticceria Mimosa s.a.s. di Roberto Cantolacqua Ripani & C. Viale Vittorio Veneto, 69, 62029 Tolentino (MC). The fortune of la Pasticceria Mimosa di Tolentino is due to his skillful pastry chef Roberto Cantolacqua. Since he was a child, Roberto took on with pastry making, thanks to his grandfather who owned a bakery. He has worked since he was teenager in the bakery, a fine flagship of Tolentino. He could be considered one of the best young italian pastry chef, thanks to his innovative and unique products, beautiful to see, and absolutely fine to taste.

DOUGH INGREDIENTS: type "00" soft wheat flour, butter, sugar, candied orange 30% (orange, water, sugar), egg yolks, water, natural yeast, honey, orange paste, salt, vanilla pods . AMARETTO GLAZED INGREDIENTS: sugar, hazelnuts 13%, almonds 7%, egg white, bitter almonds 3%, corn flour, potato starch, bitter cocoa. Contains gluten, egg proteins, milk proteins and nuts. It may contain traces of soy and peanut.

Average nutritional values ​​for 100 gr: Energy KJ 1532.69 / Kcal 366.08; Carbohydrates 49.62 g (of which sugars 40.97 g); Fats 17.12 g (of which saturated 0.88 g); Protein 5.22 g; Salt 0.33 g; Fiber 1.50 g

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