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Artisanal Verdicchio Colomba
Artisanal Verdicchio Colomba
Artisanal Verdicchio Colomba

Artisanal Verdicchio Colomba


The first Artisan  Verdicchio Colomba is a creation of Luvega, an educational bread-making project carried out in Matelica. Produced with natural mother yeast and local ingredients of the highest quality, it has a pleasant Verdicchio aftertaste that goes well with apricot and sweet almond for a truly unique explosion of flavor. 72 hours of workmanship and craftsmanship for an excellent product!

Tipologia: Classic artisan Colomba
Produttore: Luvega
Prodotto in: Marche (Italia)
Peso netto: 800gr


The presence of Verdicchio is not perceptible to the taste but it helps the leavening of the product during the fermentation phase, making this Colomba something unique and never made before. The secret lies precisely in the use of excellent raw materials and the artisanal processing phases. Raw materials are produced, cultivated and processed in the Marche hinterland to support the local economy. The sourdough is the main ingredient, made of daily refreshments of water and flour, only leavening agent of the product.  The flour used is also local with an excellent strength / elasticity ratio. Butter is produced by separating the cream from the milk by centrifugation, like all high quality butters that have a higher melting point, around 35 °. This is why the Colomba is excellent when it is eaten slightly warm.  Apricots go well with Verdicchio with their sweet and slightly acidic flavor, while sweet almonds set in the glaze will contribute to the explosion of flavor of this delicious Verdicchio Colomba.


Luvega makes the product at the Laboratory: Il Pane di Gagliole. Via Carlo Cameli, 13 / A. 60024 Matelica (MC.). Luvega is a brand born as an educational bread-making project. Created by Daniele Orsi as an occasion for cooking with his three children who inspired the brand: Lucrezia, Veronica and Gabriele. Bakery becomes an opportunity and an educational means based on knowledge of raw materials, respect for processing times and the transformation of simple ingredients into excellent products. Luvega is based on the pillars of artisanal food production: taste, beauty and health. Luvega creates and conceives the product and the recipe by building a philosophy and relying on artisans bakers for the production. 

Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter, candied apricot 20% (apricots, glucose syrup, E202), pasteurized egg yolk, sugar, water, mother yeast, Verdicchio wine (contains sulphites) 3%, honey, malt, salt. Icing ingredients: sugar, egg white, almonds, potato starch, corn flour, sunflower oil.

Nutritional values ​​for 100 gr: Energy kcal 412 / KJ 1728; Lipids 19.2 g (of which saturated 12.9 g); Carbohydrates 52.50 g (of which sugars 31.20 g); Protein 7.7 g; Salt 0.3 g; Fibers 1.70 g.

Colomba is one of the most typical baked cakes of the Easter tradition. It should be stored in a dry and fresh place.

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