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Ditta Silvio Meletti srl. Zona Industriale Campolungo 63100 - Ascoli Piceno. In 1870, Silvio Meletti founded his company dealing with the production of Anisetta. The roots of this company and the product led to its success, however, have even more ancient origins. The mother of Silvio Meletti had a small shop that also sold an homemade distillation of anise which received much appreciation among customers. That of distilled anise is an ancient tradition of the Ascoli Province and it is still common to find, especially in the rural world, homemade distillates of anise of remarkable quality. We can say that the alcohol distillation skills of the mother were the foundation that allowed Silvio Meletti of passionate and create a new product “Anisetta”.  Silvio Meletti had the idea of offering his town a product of an ever higher quality to hold up the comparison with the extremely expensive foreign anisettes. He went hard at the study of Italian and French treatises about the distillation and the production of strong drinks until he was able to design a bain-marie still with a very slow evaporation in order to obtain an alcoholate as aromatic as possible starting from his ideas and designs.

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