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Borgocisterna Capers in Salt, 210 g
Borgocisterna Capers in Salt, 210 g
Borgocisterna Capers in Salt, 210 g

Borgocisterna Capers in Salt, 210 g


In the Marche there is a native variety of capers called Capers of Borgo Cisterna. This variety has been growing for many years on the walls of the town , adorning it with their beautiful flower and in 2013 they became part of the Directory of Regional Vegetable Section - herbaceous species . In short, a real excellence, guaranteed and certified.

Type: Capers in Salt
Producer: Borgo Cisterna
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 210 g 


Borgo Cisterna Caper is a native very fine variety recognized in the Directory of the Marche region and from October 2014 is also counted among the different species on the Arca del Gusto di Slow Food and its preservation has led the company to obtain the appointment of Guardian Farmer of ASSAM .


Borgo Storico Cisterna Azienda Agricola. Via Santa Lucia Cisterna, 12. Macerata Feltria (PU). The firm Borgo Cisterna is entirely dedicated to welcoming its guests, whether they want to have a pleasant holiday, whether they want to just enjoy the restaurant's cuisine. Borgo Cisterna has always been, since the Roman period and perhaps Etruscan, a site voted to agriculture, and here still fruit trees, herbs, olive trees and vegetable crops grow. The products of the farm's crops are an integral part of the kitchen, according to the family tradition and the original recipes of the territory. The type of accommodation and the particularity of production mean that Borgo Cisterna is classified at the Marche Region with the highest 5 woodpeckers and its attention to the preservation of the heritage of regional biodiversity give to Borgo Cisterna the appointment of Guardian Farmer from ASSAM.

Capers, salt. Nutritional values for 100 g: Energy Kcal 23; Carbohydrates 5 g. Fats 1 g. Proteins 2 g. Dietary fiber 3 g. Sodium 2964 mg.

General Information: Capers are usually used to flavour food and go well with a variety of foods such as meat, fish and pasta . How to eat: After taking the required dose of capers for the recipe, wash them thoroughly under running water to remove salt, close the jar with the rest of the product and store in refrigerator.

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