Dark Chocolate Bar 70% Criollo
Dark Chocolate Bar 70% Criollo
Dark Chocolate Bar 70% Criollo
Dark Chocolate Bar 70% Criollo
Dark Chocolate Bar 70% Criollo
Dark Chocolate Bar 70% Criollo

Dark Chocolate Bar 70% Criollo


Nothing has the power to bring back the good mood as much as the delicious taste of chocolate. Just a bit of chocholae on the lips to smile again , and its smell so unmistakably evokes feelings and emotions of pure joy. This is the effect of a delicious Dark chocolate bar 70% pure origin Criollo; with its intense flavour leaves speechless all the most faithful lovers. A soft aroma with tones of exotic woods, raisins and acid notes of red fruits, a delicate, persistent taste, well-proportioned and full.

Type: Dark Chocolate Criollo
Producer: Cioccolateria Mencarelli
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 50 g


The history of cocoa has ancient origins, thousands of years old and has come down to us as a result of the Spanish conquests in the Americas. This particular chocolate comes from one of the varieties of the cacao tree called Criollo, considered the fine cocoa par excellence. Its delicate flavour, with hints of exotic woods, makes it enjoyed even by those who do not prefer the dark chocolate. Emanates delicate notes, but noticeable, of red fruits and raisins.


Mencarelli - Cocoa Passion di Mencarelli Paolo. Via Roma, 57, 60031 Castelplanio AN. Cioccolateria Mencarelli was born from the will of the Master Chocolatier Paolo Mencarelli  to reinvent chocolate as valuable raw material. Starting from Castelplanio, in the heart of the Alta Vallesina Valley, Paolo Mencarelli and has looked for the best cocoa beans, which comes from South America and Madagascar, and refining his technique of chocolate maker, managed to create a new combinations and unexpected interpretations; he has made fine pralines and confectionery specialties made from pure chocolate, improving with Mediterranean flavours the chocolate tradition of the Marche.

Ingredients as the manufacturer's label: cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa (70% min.). Produced in a laboratory that uses: milk and derivatives, soy and derivatives, nuts, peanuts, sesame.

Nutritional characteristics - average values ​​per 100g: energy value: 582kcal / 2424kj, carbohydrates 34,80g (of which sugars 28,20g), fats 42,9 g (of which saturated fatty acids 25,3 g), fibers 9,1g, proteins 8.3g, salt 0.25g

General Information: The chocolate is delicious savoured alone or enjoyed with liqueurs and spirits at the end of the meal, to enhance its taste. A small dose of chocolate is also suitable for a tasty snack, for both adults and children, and it can also be used to prepare desserts and cakes. How to Eat: Once the package is opened it should be stored well packaged in a dry place.

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