Chocolate Easter Donuts 200 g
Chocolate Easter Donuts 200 g
Chocolate Easter Donuts 200 g
Chocolate Easter Donuts 200 g
Chocolate Easter Donuts 200 g
Chocolate Easter Donuts 200 g

Chocolate Easter Donuts 200 g


These Chocolate Easter Donuts, made by Natura Dolce, are typical of the Marche tradition during the Easter period. Their processing takes two days because the dough is first boiled and then baked. This is the variant with chocolate glaze, perfect for the greedy lovers of traditions.

Type: Traditional Cakes
Producer: Natura Dolce
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 200 g


Chocolate Easter Donut is a typical Marche sweet which is made in the period preceding Easter (in the past the preparation began on Friday night). They have a swollen shape thanks to the leavening and keep the traditional hole in the center despite the long manufacturing process that involves boiling and then baking in the oven. These donuts have a very light dough and the external glaze is based on chocolate. They are fragrant and crunchy at the same time and they are not too sweet.


Natura Dolce. Via Montecucco 1 bis. Santa Maria Nuova (AN). Natura Dolce is a story of ancient love, fruit of the magic that is created by the union of water and flour. The company was born over 40 years ago in Santa Maria Nuova and Alberigo Grassi and Paolo Giampieretti, relaunched it in 2018 with the help of the previous owners, they renew it deeply based on the forty-year tradition but integrating it with new visions and proposals. A scrupulous and obsessive care for raw materials is at the center of attention of entrepreneurs who make their own specialties without additives and preservatives. The spirit of Natura Dolce is to cultivate with passion and vocation this profession that blends the ancient artisan knowledge and the traditions of our land with experimentation and the search for new tastes and combinations.

Ingredients: Type 0 wheat flour, fresh eggs, extra virgin olive oil, natural flavors, granulated sugar, ammonium carbon, sodium bicarbonate, salt.

Glazing: Chocolate (sugar, vegetable fat (coconut, palm kernel, palm, shea, salt), cocoa powder 18.5%), emulsifiers: soy lecithin, mompariglia (sugar, wheat starch, water, natural colors E102, E124, E131). It may contain traces of nuts, hazelnuts, almonds.

Nutritional values ​​for 100 gr: Energy 290.01 Kcal / 1213.48 KJ; Fat 8.43 g. (of which saturated fatty acids 1.97 g.); Carbohydrates 44.01 g. (of which sugars 2.34 g.); Protein 11.27 g; Fibers 1.94 g; Salt 0.19 mg.

General Information: They not need any special preparations but they should be served accordingly to the occasion, in the most appropriate and appealing tray. Being baked products free of preservatives, once opened they should be eaten within a few days or stored in an airtight box away from moisture. 

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