Apple, Lemons and Nuts Compote
Apple, Lemons and Nuts Compote
Apple, Lemons and Nuts Compote
Apple, Lemons and Nuts Compote
Apple, Lemons and Nuts Compote
Apple, Lemons and Nuts Compote

Apple, Lemons and Nuts Compote


This compote made with Apples, lemons and nuts is a true and authentic delight. The intense scent of lemons matches perfectly with the lovable taste of apples. Then together with a bitter small touch from the best nuts, with a small addition of cane sugar, this jam gets to an unique product with an original flavour for tasting breakfasts, but also for wise combinations as with fresh or seasoned cheeses.

Type: Fruits compote
Producer: Ambrosia
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net weight: 210gr


From an intense and natural caring  you can get the most tasty and sweet fruits, perfect to be transformed into delicious compotes. Nuts are a never ending source of nutrients as well as lemons are full of vitamin C and apples, with their natural sweetness, contribute to making this jam more silky and lovable.


Ambrosia di Grossi Alex. Via della Repubblica, 7. Sirolo (AN). The "Craftsmen of nature", this is the slogan of the Ambrosia company from Sirolo. A slogan that is also a philosophy of their life. The purpose of this small company, located right in the wonderful Conero Park, is to grow high-quality products, to turn them in high quality products. On their crops, followed with love and passion, quality fruits and vegetables grow, without any help from pesticides or fertilizers, with the intention to bring ancient tastes on our tables. 

Apple 68%, lemon 3%, walnuts 2%, cane sugar. Nutritional values for 100 gr: energy Kcal 204, Kj 853. Fats 1,2 g. of which satured fatty acids 0,0 g. Carbohydrates 45 g. of which sugars 42 g. Proteins 1,2 g. Dietary fibers 1,3 g. Salt 8 mg.

General Information: Preserves can be consumed au naturel or cooked. How to eat: Preserves are delicious spread on warm bread or on a buttered focaccia or cookies. They pair well also with meat, instead of sauces, and with hard and savoury cheeses. Due to the high percentage of fruit, extra preserves are scrumptious also enjoyed by itself, as a dessert. The preserves can be used also to make baked desserts: pies, cookies and cakes. 

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