Organic Orange Only Fruit Sugar Compote
Organic Orange Only Fruit Sugar Compote
Organic Orange Only Fruit Sugar Compote

Organic Orange Only Fruit Sugar Compote


The Organic Orange Only Sugar Fruit Compote is one of the exquisite specialties of the Cooperativa Agricola San Michele made with fruit sugars only. A compote with an intense taste and aroma, made exclusively with organic oranges of own production and sweetened exclusively with organic grape sugar. Perfect for those who are oriented towards the consumption of organic products but also for those who want to limit their sugar intake. 

Type: Organic Orange Compote
Producer: San Michele Arcangelo
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 320 g


The orange let its light shine thanks to organic agriculture. Thanks to the natural cares it receives, its fruits become brighter and tastier, perfect to be made into a delicious preserve. The oranges are  also an endless source of vitamins and mineral salts and their use is highly recommended by nutritionists for men and women. This oranges preserve is a way to not only enjoy a very good product, but also to assimilate important natural and energetic principles. It is perfect for diabetics due to its low sugar intake.

New product

Coop. Soc Koinonia. Location Teglia 12. 63858 Montefortino (FM). The activity of the social cooperative began in 2007 with the name San Michele Arcangelo, which is also the brand of all the products made, and gave new vitality to the hills surrounding the small town of Corridonia, extending with 48 hectares of land cultivated with the sensitivity of organic. In addition to the sale of fresh products, part of the crops are handcrafted and transformed into products that have the I.C.E.A. and VEGANOK. Processing at low temperatures in vacuum-packed preserves the nutritional principles of the products intact, allowing the preservation of aromas, colors and textures.

Organic orange 66,7%, organic grape sugar, without added pectin. Nutritional values for 100 gr: energy Kcal 158, Kj 670; Fats 0 g. of which satured fatty acids 0 g. Proteins 0,8 g. Carbohydrates 37 g. of which sugars 37 g. Dietary fibers 3,4 g.; salt 0,0 g.

General Information: Preserves can be consumed au naturel or cooked. How to eat: Preserves are delicious spread on warm bread or on a buttered focaccia or cookies. They pair well also with meat, instead of sauces, and with hard and savoury cheeses. Due to the high percentage of fruit, extra preserves are scrumptious also enjoyed by itself, as a dessert. The preserves can be used also to make baked desserts: pies, cookies and cakes. 

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