Artaius Craft Beer 75 cl
Artaius Craft Beer 75 cl
Artaius Craft Beer 75 cl

Artaius Craft Beer 75 cl


Artaius Craft Beer  is characterized by intense flavour and a creamy froth with red nuances on a typical amber colour. Artaius Beer has an enchanting bouquet inspired to fruit in syrup. It is a medium body beer slightly spicy with licorice tones, which will impress an indelible flavour in the memories of those who taste it. It goes well with game, grilled meats and hard cheeses.

Type: Red Beer
Producer: Birrificio Angeloni
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Alchool Content: 6.2% vol


Craft brewers, such as the Birrificio Angeloni, using high quality local raw materials for the preparation of not pasteurized or filtered beers with no preservatives,  in order to maintain and enhance the organoleptic properties of their products. The temperature and duration of fermentation, as well as the drying degree of the malt, determine the characteristics of the various types of beer. The beer is a red Artaius which reaches 6.2% of alcohol. It has a very definite taste and aroma that is well matched to foods with intense and distinctive flavour. Great if served at a temperature of about 8 degrees. 


Azienda Agricola Angeloni Giulio - Via Pozziloco n. 20 - 61040 Monteporzio (PU). The Brewery,  Birrificio Angeloni, is located in Monte Porzio, on the hills of Valcesano; being surrounded by barley fields, it has always maintained an unbreakable bond with the land and the raw material from which the product originates. The craft beers produced by Azienda Agricola Angeloni are high fermented and aged in bottle, unfiltered, not pasteurized and without preservatives. Processing methods put in place after threshing, and the malting process, allow to create an agronomic chain where authenticity and goodness of raw materials, inspiration and respect for the local ecosystem work togheter with the aim of attaining perfect  craft beers .

Water , barley malt , hops, yeast , sugar . Fermented beer and aged in the bottle , unfiltered and unpasteurized , without preservatives.

General Information: Choosing the right beer is important not only to best accompany the dish but, of course, also to satisfy the preferences of the guests. In general, a lower alcohol beers go well with cheeses and meats, pizzas and focacce but also appetizers and fried food, more structured ones are also suitable as good accompaniment to grilled meats and pasta dishes. All the beears are great also to be tasted simply accompanied by crostini, bruschetta or crackers. How to drink: Even the beers, such as the wines should be served at the table at proper temperatures, usually between 4 and 12 degrees, depending on the product to emphasize.

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