Sparkling Brut Verdicchio D.O.C.
Sparkling Brut Verdicchio D.O.C.
Sparkling Brut Verdicchio D.O.C.
Sparkling Brut Verdicchio D.O.C.
Sparkling Brut Verdicchio D.O.C.
Sparkling Brut Verdicchio D.O.C.

Sparkling Brut Verdicchio D.O.C.


Sparkling Brut by Bonci is the ideal wine to enjoy your aperitif and every type of fish appetizer. It is produced from Pietrone's district grapes, chosen and vinified always in advance to respect the tradition. A truly unique product to enhance the flavour of the foods you are savoring.

Type: Sparkling Brut
Manufacturer: Azienda Agricola Vallerosa Bonci
Produced in: Italy
Alcohol content: 12% vol


White sparkling wine its originates from Marche and is made with “Verdicchio” grapes from Jesi's castles. This wine can be recommended both as an aperitif for its remarkable freshness and as a full-bodied wine due its consistency and a good alcohol content.


Azienda Agricola Vallerosa Bonci. Via Torre, 15/17, 60034 Cupramontana (AN). In the heart of the Marche and on top of one of the sunny and green hills lining the south bank of  the Esino River stands Cupramontana village, the noble and ancient homeland of Verdicchio.This is where the Bonci family, from four generations, has started its wine production and marketing business. Domenico Bonci has started in the beginning of the last century, as well as with his own production and also with a careful selection of companies and their products selected with wisdom. Today the Vallerosa Bonci Farm has 30 hectares of land, in which 26 are cultivated with vineyards specializing in the production of wine “Verdicchio dei Castelli of Jesi Classico” with trademark origin “D.O.C.” The particular microclimate, the careful selection of the grapes, the many years of wine-making experience, married to today's state-of-the-art winemaking systems put the Vallerosa Bonci Company in the first positions in the wine and sparkling sector.

100% Verdicchio Grapes from the Castles of Jesi. It contains sulfites.

General Information: Choosing the right wine is linked to the dish to which it accompanies. In general, white wines match best with fish based starter, to fish and vegetable based main courses, white meats, sea food, fresh cheese and cheeses with herbs. How to drink: Each wine must be brought to the table at the proper temperature; the white and rose wines should be served at a temperature lower than the red ones to exalt the organoleptic properties of wine that would be altered if the service temperature is not the proper one. All the wine goes oxygenated before being served, the time varies depending on the aging of the wine, if a wine is young this procedure is entirely superfluous. Red wines require a longer oxygenation time than the white ones. If you want to taste different types of wine with vary degrees, it is advisable to adopt a policy of climb; wines with a lower alcohol content should be drunk before.

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