Fava Beans in EVO with Garlic & Wild Fennel
Fava Beans in EVO with Garlic & Wild Fennel
Fava Beans in EVO with Garlic & Wild Fennel
Fava Beans in EVO with Garlic & Wild Fennel
Fava Beans in EVO with Garlic & Wild Fennel
Fava Beans in EVO with Garlic & Wild Fennel

Fava Beans in EVO with Garlic & Wild Fennel


Legumes pickled in oil is definitely one of the most eccentric ways of taste them, but certainly also one of the most appetizing. Only fresh fava beans, extra virgin oil, garlic and wild fennel, to create an unusual appetizer or an astonishing entree. Approved even by those who are very attentive to the shape but also to the life's pleasures, these Fava Beans in Olive Oil with Garlic and Wild Fennel are a concentrate of protein and taste.

Type: Fava Beans in Extra Virgin Oil
Producer: Azienda Agricola i Lubachi
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net weight: 180 gr


Fratte Rosa is located between the valleys of Metauro and Cesano, more than 400 meters above sea level. Its territory is characterized by clay and chalky soils, known as "Lubachi", where, during the first ten days of October, the fava bean of Fratte Rosa is planted, in holes that are about 70 cm apart. The seed maturation takes place on May and June. The fava bean of Fratte Rosa is part of the leguminous family, and precisely the kind of "vicia" and the species of "faba maior L". It is a native variety of the Marche, which comes with a short and slightly stocky pod, containing 3 or 4 large and rounded seeds. The change of customs and habits, imposed after the war, had led to the abandonment of the cultivation of this variety of fava bean relegating it to a few older tradition-bound. The project of restoration and enhancement of the fava bean ecotype of Fratte Rosa began in 2000; thanks to the research activities of the municipality of Fratte Rosa in collaboration with various regional bodies, but above all thanks to the work of local farmers elected to "Seeds Saver", the seed was finally recovered.

I Lubachi

Close to the town of Fratte Rosa (PU), Azienda Agricola i Lubachi cultivates cereals and fodders with the organic method. The company's goal is to rediscover old traditional productions combining respect for origins with respect for the land. The company participates to the project of varietal recovery of Fava Bean of Fratte Rosa, collaborating with the Experimental Institute for horticulture of Monsanpolo del Tronto(AP) and the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Ancona. The company bears the name of the land where is located, in fact, Fratte Rosa is on heavy clay soils known as "I Lubachi".

Fresh fava beans, extra virgin olive oil, wild fennel, garlic, wine vinegar, salt. Nutritional values for 100gr: Energy 269,7 KCal /1112,2 KJ - Fats 25,5 g of which satured fatty acids 3,6g - Carbohydrates 3,7 g of which sugars 1,8 g - Proteins 4,3 gr - Dietary fiber 4,1g - Salt 0.3gr Allergens: garlic, fava beans

General information: The oil is a natural preserving agent, especially effective for food. The fava beans in olive oil are ideal for composing appetizers, dressing salads or creating side dishes. How to eat: You can drain the fava beans and serve directly with meats and cheeses, or with richer dishes such as roasts and stews, or you can use them to make tasty salads or prepare delicious appetizers. 

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