Larded Salami
Larded Salami
Larded Salami
Larded Salami
Larded Salami
Larded Salami

Larded Salami


If the cold meats are your passion, if you never give up the fresh bread with a good genuine and tasty sausage, then you have found the one for you. Larded Salami is one of the most famous and delicious Marche sausages, made solely by grinding the precious pig parts and subjected to a natural aging process, only with the help of the classic wood-burning fireplace. The end result is a tasty seasoned sausage to be enjoyed in any occasion, an absolute specialty of our land of which you never want to do without.

Type: Larded salami
Producer: Salumificio Monterotti
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 500g

Shipped under vacuum


Larded Salami is absolutely one of the most popular and famous sausage of the Marche region, obtained from precious pork, is then subjected to a slow and accurate seasoning, using a classic wood-burning fireplace with Monti Sibillini forest essences, which are selected with great care, to a rich seasoning aroma. 


Società agricola Pacioni e Monterotti a r.l. Sede operativa: contrada Cardagnano 302, 62028 Sarnano (MC). Salumificio Monterotti specialized for years in the production of cold meats derived from pigs raised in the pristine lands of Marche. Since more than forty years ago, they are produced hams, salami, wild boar salami, porchetta, lonza, ciauscolo IGP and many other sausages. Using only natural seasoning, all products marked Monterotti accrued on strictly following the times dictated by nature that gives them the flavors that technology can never bring. All sausages are tasty yes, but always with an eye to health to daily satisfy every palate.

Pork meat, salt, pepper, E252 preservative. Nutritional value for 100 gr: Energy 1778 kj, 425 kcal; fats 34,3 gr; of which satured fats 10,9 gr; proteins 26,5 gr; carbohydrates 1,5 gr; of which sugar 1,5 gr; salt 4,2 gr.

General Information: Cured meats are excellent au natural, simply accompanied by bread or paired with cheeses. How to eat: Cut the sausage into slices, not too thin to prevent the slice break, and enjoy it on fresh bread. You will receive the cured meats of Tasting Marche vacuum-packed, once opened store in the fridge.

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