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Suprema 100% Arabica Ground Coffee,...
Suprema 100% Arabica Ground Coffee,...
Suprema 100% Arabica Ground Coffee,...

Suprema 100% Arabica Ground Coffee, 250g/8.8oz


How wonderful is to enjoy a nice warm coffee, just get up, that will sweep away the fog of sleep and help to open the eyes to a new day. This is the great power of this Suprema 100% Arabica, a tailor-made blend for those who want a delicate coffee, with fruity and floral notes, with a persistency which will take you up all the day. The big fans of coffee will remain conquered by its intense aroma and certainly every break will be a good excuse to savour one cup.

Type: Ground Coffee
Producer: Caffè del Faro
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 250 g / 8.8 oz


Suprema 100% Arabica is a fine selection of coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia , roasted carefully and artfully blended. Wonderful hints of yellow fruit and white flowers, the body of this coffee is light and harmonic, with a good persistence on the palate and a pleasant recall to the acidity of the citrus.


Robin srl. Contrada Guazzetti. Montegranaro (FM). Caffè del Faro is born less than 10 years ago in the town of Montegranaro. Created by the founder of the group, Angelo Sgariglia, who, as a lover of excellent foodstuff, had realized, before many others, the importance of high quality products in the food and beverage sector. Today, its three children continue the tradition of the family business and they wanted to pay homage to the father figure including in the name of this particular branch of their company, the word “faro” (lighthouse). The intention of the three is to offer an excellent made in Italy product, aiming at giving a new and fresh taste to coffee, through a meticulous selection of the best varieties and a distinctive and customized packaging; Caffé del Faro’s products have already won the attention of the domestic and international markets.

Blend composed only of the finest and selected Arabica.

General Information: Coffee is a beverage to be consumed warm, better still hot, to start the day or as end of a meal. Many people love to taste it without any kind of sweetener, if you like add some sweetener, we suggest using refined sugar or cane or honey. The coffee is also used in the preparation of many Italian desserts. How to eat: For an espresso prepared with coffee maker, it is recommended a dose of 7.5 grams and 23 ml of water at 93° C in order to have a perfect espresso. If you use the moka pot 35 grams will be enough for coffee maker 6 cups, taking care to fill the bottom holding about 5 mm below the hole of the boiler.

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