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Romantic Dinner in gift box
Romantic Dinner in gift box
Romantic Dinner in gift box
Romantic Dinner in gift box
Romantic Dinner in gift box
Romantic Dinner in gift box

Romantic Dinner in gift box


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A delicious selection of typical products of the Marche for our proposal of Romantic Dinner, one of the menus created in honor of Valentine's Day. A tasty appetizer based on Truffle Sauce for delicious croutons and Pecorino with Chilli to combine with an excellent Acacia Honey. The main dish is the exquisite Egg Maccheroncini and the dessert chosen is the Candied Orange covered with dark chocolate

Type: Pasta, Cheese, Truffle, Honey, Chocolate
Number of Items: 5
Made in: Marche (Italia)



The Marche region also has important truffle areas and the one with the greatest vocation is undoubtedly the province of Pesaro Urbino from which Tasting Marche has selected an excellent product for this delicious menu, the Truffle Sauce made by Longhi of Urbania. Maccheroncini are excellent with the truffle sauce  to enhance its natural flavor, but they can be dressed with an home made tomato sauce. To spice up the Romantic Dinner we have chosen Pecorino with Chilli  excellent to combine with Acacia Honey. And finally, why not close the dinner with a particular dessert such as Candied Orange with dark chocolate. A combination of products that will guide you on a journey through four provinces of the Marche region: Macerata, Fermo, Ancona and Pesaro Urbino. So why not combine this menu with one of the many exquisite white wines of the province of Ascoli such as Pecorino or Passerina?

Created for: celebrating a special and romantic occasion, to indulge or cuddle through food or to all truffle lovers. Available in version with or without gift box. How to taste it: The Truffle Sauce is excellent spread on hot bread croutons and it's a perfect appetizer. Even the Pecorino al Peperoncino cut into strips or slices and combined with Acacia Honey can be used as an appetizer or can be a light second course. The Maccheroncini are exquisite and can be seasoned with Truffle Sauce or with a tomato sauce with meat, fish or vegetables. Finally, the Candied Orange covered with dark chocolate should be eaten one after the other, perhaps paired with a good sweet wine.

For this delicious Romantic Dinner Tasting Marche has selected for you excellent products from the point of view of raw materials and taste: Egg Maccheroncini are made by "La Pasta di Celiano" in San Ginesio (MC), the Truffle Sauce by Longhi Tartufi di Urbania (PU), Pecorino with Chilli from the Caseificio Di Pietrantonio in Belforte del Chienti (MC), the Acacia Honey from Apicoltura Nomade di Montegiorgio (FM), the Bassinati with Candied Orange covered with dark chocolate from Cioccolateria Mencarelli in Castelpanio (AN).

Egg Maccheroncini: Durum wheat semolina and whole fresh eggs category A. Percentage of egg 27,6%, very slow drying at low temperature. The water used comes from the Consortium of Fargnio located within the Mountain Sibillini National Park. Typical values serving size 100 gr: energy 369 Kcal, 1543 Kj; Fat 3,56 gr of which saturates 1,03 gr; Protein 13,57 gr; Carbohydrate 73 gr of which sugar 3,97 gr; dietary fibres 2,6 gr; salt 0,44 gr./p>

Truffle Sauce: Champignon Mushrooms (Agaricus Bisporus) 59%, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Porcini Mushrooms (Boletus Edulis), Black Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt) 3%, Salt, Anchovies, Black Olives, Pepper, Aromas. Nutritional values ​​per 100 gr: Energy Kcl 329, Kj 1356; Fats 34,2 gr of which saturated fatty acids 11,8 gr; Protein 3.1 g; Carbohydrates 2 of which sugars 0 gr; fibers 4.8 gr; salt 1.3 gr.

Acacia Honey: Acacia Honey.

Pecorino al Peperoncino: Pasteurized sheep's milk, rennet, salt, lactic ferments, chilli 0.25%. Treated in non-edible rind with vinyl acetate E202, E235. Original Italian milk. Nutritional values: per 100 gr: Energy 1515 kj; Energy 362 kcal; fatty acids 28.5 gr; saturated fats 16.9 gr; proteins 25.11 g; carbohydrates 1.31 g; sugars 0.05 g; salt 1.85 gr.

Candied orange covered with dark chocolate: Orange (45%), cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, glucose syrup, brown sugar, cocoa powder, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla flavor. Cocoa 60% min. May contain traces of: milk and derivates, dried fruit and nuts, peanut, sesame, gluten, soy and derivates. Nutritional values for 100g: Energy 438Kcal/1835Kj, Carbohydrates 59,2g (of which sugar 33,8g), Fats 20,1g (of which satured fatty acids 11,9g) Dietary fiber 4,8g, Proteins 3,5g, Salt 0,00g.

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