Truffle Sauce
Truffle Sauce
Truffle Sauce
Truffle Sauce
Truffle Sauce
Truffle Sauce

Truffle Sauce


The Truffle Sauce is a delicious mix of the best mushrooms and truffles. The combination of Champignons and Porcini mushrooms and black truffle creates a sauce considered a "classic", a product that is easy to use and able to turn any dish into an authentic delicacy. The lovers of mushrooms and truffles, and their superb combination, love this specialty, which will give the palate as many pleasant feelings as the perfect pairings you can attain.

Type: Truffle Sauce
Producer: Longhi tartufi
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Peso netto:  90 g


This Truffle Sauce has the advantage of containing two of the most famous varieties of mushrooms, and a touch of black truffle that makes the difference. The Champignons mushrooms have always been very popular around the world and highly used for their delicate flavour and their availability. Combining Champignons mushrooms with Porcini mushrooms, characterized by a stronger and more intense flavour, and summer truffle, very appreciated by gourmands, you will get a fine balance of flavours, able to satisfy even the most demanding of commensals.


Longhi Tartufi. Via Roma 103. 61049 Urbania (PU). Truffles are very abundant in the upper valley of Metauro and have always been considered the kings of the culinary arts; that is why the places where truffles grow are carefully kept secret by collectors. The history of Longhi Tartufi began in the '60s in Urbania, where Domenico Longhi opened a small truffle industry by capturing the collection of “the tartofaner”. Some of these "jewels" were processed and shipped to big cities such as Rome, Milan and Genoa. The small family business has gradually grown over the years, and it continues to increase thanks to the hard work and dedication of the new generations. Showing great love for the land and indissoluble attachment to tradition, Longhi Tartufi gives special attention to the selection of truffles, to offer consumers high quality products processed according to traditional family recipes.

Champignons (Agaricus Bisporus) 59%, Olive oil extravergin, Porcini Mushrooms (Boletus Edulis), Black Summer truffles (Tuber Aestivum Vitt) 3%, Salt, Anchovies, Black olives, Pepper, Flavours. Nutritional Values for 100 gr: Energy Kcal 329, Kj 1356; Fats 34,2 gr of which acid satured fats 11,8 gr; Proteins 3,1 gr; Carbohydrates 2 gr of which sugar 0,0 gr; fibers 4,8 gr; salt 1,3 gr.

General Information: Sauces and creams allow amalgamating different foods, making them more compact and homogeneous. They are used to accompany meat, fish and vegetables or spread on bread or directly to season pasta. How to eat: As food accompaniment, you should pour sauce directly on the meal, at the preferred temperature, or spread it on toasted bread. As seasoning for pasta, you have to heat the sauce in a pan, wait until it starts simmering, and turn off the stove. Add drained pasta to the hot sauce and sauté in the pan over low heat for a few minutes. It can be dressed with a drizzle of olive oil.

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