Agresto is a specialty that boasts ancient origins. Known since the times of the ancient Romans, this sweet and sour sauce is initially distinguished by its slightly sour note, and then fade into a pleasant feeling reminiscent almost sweet cooked must. Agresto is a real treat for anyone who loves the contrast between sweet and salty, and its use can be compared to that of balsamic vinegar. It is an ideal seasoning for meat based dishes, salads or other vegetables, finally, wanting to rediscover custom of the past, can become a refreshing drink when diluted with water. 

Type: Agresto
Producer: Cooperativa La Bona Usanza
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 250 ml


Agresto takes its name from the grape "Gresta", located on the highest immature branches at the time of harvest: small beans, greens, hard, collected in round bunch in late November to crush and make a sour sauce to flavour to the vegetables. In some cases the Agresto was added with boiled must to obtain the characteristic sour taste. Numerous documents over the centuries testify the presence of Agresto in the preparation of most common dishes, until the early nineteenth century the introduction of the tomato has contributed to forget the use of this product.


La Bona Usanza Via Saragat 21. Serra dè Conti (AN). Cooperativa La Bona Usanza was born in 1996 in Serra de 'Conti, a small town on the hills of the Marche, from the work of a group of fans aiming at saving from extinction pulses, cereals, pastries, sauces that were the basis of the history of food of this territory. The Bona Usanza has small productions, work in a traditional way, in order to safeguard the typical food of the area and protect the agro biodiversity.

balsamic dressing made by cooked must and grape vinegar

General Information: The Agresto could be used to give flavour to many dishes, when the bittersweet is pleasant. Particularly suitable as a sauce for veal, scallops, chicken, fish and boiled vegetables, it can also be used to deglaze. How to Eat: Pour the Agresto into the dish. Recap the bottle and store in a cool, dry place, away from sources of heat and light.

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