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Pearl Emmer of Sibillini Mountains
Pearl Emmer of Sibillini Mountains
Pearl Emmer of Sibillini Mountains

Pearl Emmer of Sibillini Mountains


The Pearl Emmer is a concentrated of nutritional, vitamins and fibers, a cereal healthy, digestible and delicious. These are all features that make it a perfect food to include in a healthy and balanced diet, suitable even for children and athletes. With this cereal you can cook great soups, but also fresh summer salads, all dishes that amaze with their taste, even the most insatiable.

Type: Pearl Emmer
Producer: Delizie dei Fratelli Angeli
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 500 g


The pearl emmer differs from simply peeled due to additional processing, which is not limited to deprive the bean of cortical, but adds an operation in which abrasion removes partially the bran making the cereal faster in cooking. To realize this product is only used Farro Triticum dicoccum, grown on the slopes of the Sibillin Mountains.


Società agricola Angeli s.s. Strada S.Ilario. Frazione Capriglia. 62036 Pieve Torina (MC). The farm is located in Capriglia, a small town  at the foot of Bove Mountain. It's a small family business immersed in the greenery of the Sibillini Mountains Park. In this suggestive and healthy environment excellent products take shape, especially cheeses and cereals. Since 1960 they raise their animals in freedom and, during the summer, in green mountain pastures. 

Pearl emmer wheat. Nutritional values for 100 gr: Energy: Kcal 356; Fats 1,3 g.; Carbohydrates 71,7 g. Dietary fibers 1,9 g. Proteins 13,5 g. Salt 0,0 g.

General Information: Cereals, unlike legumes, not need to soak for several hours, but they must be washed before cooking. How to Eat: To make a salad, boil 1.5 liters of water once it reaches the boiling point, pour cereals in the water and leave for at least 20 minutes. Once drained; season cereals according to the recipe. To prepare a soup, after having fried some onions as base together with vegetables or meat you have selected as seasonings, add cereals and pour vegetable broth, you have prepared earlier, as long as the cooking will not be completed.

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