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The "Triccole" are a gluten-free pasta. Based on legumes gluten free flour this special pasta is rich in fibers and protein, energizing and without fat , with a full-bodied texture. The chickling pea "cicerchia" from Serra de 'Conti is a particular variety of legume that only recently has been re-discovered in its original version. Although chickpeas are best-known and ancient legume, both are rich in nutritional principles that are fundamental to our health.


A particular name for a particular pasta. The Triccole is a kind of short pasta that is similar to homemade “caserecce” or “strozzapreti” pasta, but made totally in a original way. In facts, this particular pasta is made exclusively with legumes flour, with 60% chickling pea "cicerchia" flour and 40% chickpeas flour.  Rich in proteins and fibers, Triccole pasta is a real treat for the palate, both by their consistency and the taste, the authentic flavour of the most genuine legumes.

Type: Pasta with legume flour
Producer: La Bona Usanza
Produced in: Marche (Italy)
Net weight: 220gr


La Bona Usanza S.c.ar.l. Via Saragat 21. Serra dè Conti (AN). Cooperativa La Bona Usanza was born in 1996 in Serra de 'Conti, a small town on the hills of the Marche, from the work of a group of fans aiming at saving from extinction pulses, cereals, pastries, sauces that were the basis of the history of food of this territory. The Bona Usanza has small productions, work in a traditional way, in order to safeguard the typical food of the area and protect the agro biodiversity.

Cicerchia of Serra de Conti flour 60%, chickpeas flour 40%, water. May contain traces of wheat flourTypical values serving size 100 gr: energy 339 Kcal, 1434 Kj; Fat 2,5 g of which saturates 0,37 g; Protein 29 g; Carbohydrate 44 g of which sugar 2,5 g; fibre 12 g; salt 0,02 gr.

General Information: Pasta is cheap and easy to prepare; you have to cook pasta but you can eat it warm or cold, as pasta salad, you can toss it just cooked or sauté it in a pan before serving. How to eat: Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil (around 1 litre for every 100 grams of pasta that you want to cook), add salt to taste; add the pasta to boiling water and stir softly; cook for about 8 minutes, for authentic Italian "al dente" pasta, start counting the cooking time when the water returned to a boil. Drain the pasta and serve with your sauces and favorite toppings. 

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