Lonza is one of the most typical products of the culinary tradition of the Marche and is never lacking in authentic Italian meat based starter. Created by swine's meat, processed and cured according to the most ancient customs, Lonza is a real treat for all lovers of good Italian food, perfect even just between two slices of bread for an irresistible afternoon break. With a simple bite you will surely become Lonza's fan.

Type: Lonza
Producer: Azienda Agricola Country Pig di Bastianelli Mauro
Made in
: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 800 g (The indicated net weight allows a tolerance of ± 10%).
Recipe by Tasting Marche: Rolls of lonza and plums

Shipped under vacuum


Lonza is carried out carefully treating with salt, herbs and pepper the swine's meat, after having washed it with red wine and wrapped in natural gut. The seasoning in high ceilings, lasts for at least 4/6 months up to one year. In province of Fermo, it is common practice to smoke the product for about 12 hours with fire produced by juniper twigs.

country pig

Azienda Agricola e Laboratorio Country Pig di Bastianelli Mauro. Via S. Zenone - Alteta di Montegiorgio (AP). The company Country Pig from Alteta Montegiorgio has a long history of dedication to work and traditions. In 1955, Serafino Bastianelli and Annunziata Salvatelli opened a mill to sell animal feeds. Subsequently, with the help of Giuseppe Salvatelli, a famous butcher of Alteta, Country Pig started its first 250 pigs livestock reared by traditional systems and fed by noble grains. Fifty years later, Country Pig continues to produce excellent cured meats with old techniques, attentive and selective, whose unique purpose is to savor the oldest tradition of cured meats of Fermo. 

Pork meat, salt, pepper , spices , natural flavors , preservative E 252. Nutritional values for 100 gr: Energy Kcal 398,0 Kj 1666,35; Carbohydrates 0,0 g. of which sugars 0,0 g.; Proteins 23,60 g.; Fats 34,30 g. of which satured fatty acids 10,98 g. Salt 1,52 g.

General Information: Cured meats are excellent au natural, simply accompanied by bread or paired with cheeses. How to eat: Cut the sausage into slices, not too thin to prevent the slice break, and enjoy it on fresh bread. You will receive the cured meats of Tasting Marche vacuum-packed, once opened store in the fridge.

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