Organic Tomato Sauce
Organic Tomato Sauce
Organic Tomato Sauce
Organic Tomato Sauce
Organic Tomato Sauce
Organic Tomato Sauce

Organic Tomato Sauce


The Organic Tomato Sauce is the result of a carful processing of one of the main Mediterranean products, the tomato. Made with only the highest quality ingredients, tomatoes, carrots, celery, onion, garlic and extra virgin oil, all rigorously organic, this sauce is a real pleasure to be enjoyed simply added to a dish of pasta. Lovers of Italian food cannot miss this authentic Italian flavour.

Type: Tomato Sauce 
ProducerCoop. Sociale Koinonia onlus.
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 270 g
Recipe by Tasting Marche: Whole Wheat Fusilli with Tomato Sauce with Vegetables; Maccheroncini with Tomato SauceTraditional Red Tagliatelle


The tomatoes grown with organic methods are exposed to more stressful conditions, compared to what happens to non-organic ones. For this reason, they have higher concentrations of vitamins compared to common tomatoes. That's why organic farms have increased their cultivation of organic tomatoes. Coop. Sociale San Michele Arcangelo of Corridonia (MC), having chosen organic agriculture as the most important company's value, every August collects from its hills the best ripened tomatoes you can imagine.


Coop. Soc Koinonia. Location Teglia 12. 63858 Montefortino (FM). The activity of the social cooperative began in 2007 with the name San Michele Arcangelo, which is also the brand of all the products made, and gave new vitality to the hills surrounding the small town of Corridonia, extending with 48 hectares of land cultivated with the sensitivity of organic. In addition to the sale of fresh products, part of the crops are handcrafted and transformed into products that have the I.C.E.A. and VEGANOK. Processing at low temperatures in vacuum-packed preserves the nutritional principles of the products intact, allowing the preservation of aromas, colors and textures.

Organic tomato 92%, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic carrot, organic celery, organic onion, organic basil 0,25%, organic garlic 0,15%, and salt. Nutritional values for 100 gr: energy Kcal 65, Kj 273; Fats 3,8 g. of which satured fatty acids 0,6 g. Carbohydrates 5,7 g. of which sugars 5,3 g. Proteins 1,4 g. Dietary fibers 1,4 g. Salt 1,1 g.

General Information: All tomato based sauces are prepared to season the pasta and pizza. How to eat: Put a tablespoon of oil in a frying pan, add tomato sauce, let it heat for 5-6 minutes stirring from time to time, add the pasta in the pan, keep cooking for a minute more to amalgamate pasta and sauce. Take out from heat, add a drizzle of extra virgin oil and serve. You can put tomato based sauce also on the pizza before oven cooking it.

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