Lonzino di Fico Slow Food Presidium
Lonzino di Fico Slow Food Presidium
Lonzino di Fico Slow Food Presidium

Lonzino di Fico Slow Food Presidium


Everyone already knowing this exquisite product, is a true connoisseur. For everyone else, do not hesitate to try it, because the Lonzino di Fico is a real pearl of authentic traditional cuisine of the Marche. Obtained by the fine grinding of figs, with the addition of anise and dried fruit, this delicacy has a very harmonious taste, soft on the palate, it is a real treat to be enjoyed paired with a slice of hard cheese and a glass of sweet wine. 

Type: Lonzino di Fico
Producer: Cooperativa La Bona Usanza
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight:  300g


The figs used to make this product are Dottati or the Brogiotti, dried after harvest in late September, mixed with other ingredients of peasant traditions such as almonds, small pieces of nuts and seeds of star anise, until they form a dough that is wrapped in fig leaves tied with wire, so take the characteristic shape of a pork Lonza. This pastry belongs tolocal tradition, when in the Marche countryside, particularly in Vallesina, figs were cultivated in abundance, often maturing at the same time, just before the harvest, they had to be collected and stored to last through the winter.


La Bona Usanza S.c.ar.l. Via Saragat 21. Serra dè Conti (AN). Cooperativa La Bona Usanza was born in 1996 in Serra de 'Conti, a small town on the hills of the Marche, from the work of a group of fans aiming at saving from extinction pulses, cereals, pastries, sauces that were the basis of the history of food of this territory. The Bona Usanza has small productions, work in a traditional way, in order to safeguard the typical food of the area and protect the agro biodiversity.

Dried figs, almonds, walnuts, anise seeds, aniseed liqueur, wrapped in fig leaves. It may Contains traces of nuts shells. Nutritional values for 100 gr: Energy Kcal 280, Kj 1182; Fats 1,55 gr, of which satured fatty acids 0,14 g.; Carbohydrates 57,60, of which sugars 48,30; Dietary fibers 9,20 g.; Proteins 4,25 g.; Salt 0,02 g.

General Information: Lonzino di Fico is delicious tasted au natural, anyway, to savour all the nuances, you can pair it with Sapa, which make stand out its sweetness or, for lovers of sweet and sour, with a slice of medium aged cheese. How to eat: Cut the Lonzino di Fico into slices not too thin and consume it in the manner you prefer. Once opened, it should be kept in the refrigerator.

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