Organic Black Chickpeas
Organic Black Chickpeas
Organic Black Chickpeas
Organic Black Chickpeas
Organic Black Chickpeas
Organic Black Chickpeas

Organic Black Chickpeas


The Organic Black Chickpea is a very particular variety of chickpea because it has a black and rather wrinkled skin. They have an intense and savory taste, especially if consumed alone with excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Tipologia: Black Chickpeas
Produttore: Azienda Agricola La Viola
Prodotto in: Marche (Italia)
Peso netto: 500gr


Black chickpeas have a small corn grape shape, a wrinkled and irregular black skin and a hook-shaped apex.  Inside they are white-yellow in color.  They have a stronger flavor than white chickpeas, so to better appreciate them, it is advisable to consume them alone, simply boiled in water and seasoned with extra virgin oil. They are an excellent source of minerals and riche in iron.

la viola

Azienda Agrobiologica La Viola di Sorcetti Violita. Via Oliva 19. Torre S.Patrizio (FM). The La Viola Farm is born in the green hills of Torre San Patrizio, which has been involved in beekeeping since 1980, all the productions of the company are realized in the fullest respect of nature. Over the last decade, the company grew up in its production, introducing the Alloe crops, legumes and cereals, making even more of the organic food the bearer of their business.

Organic Black Chickpeas. It may contain traces of organic gluten. Product subjected to natural decline. Store in a cool and dry place.

General information: Legumes are perfect for the creation of delicious soups, but with the addition of tomato sauce or other flavours, they can also be used to toss pasta dish. In any way you want to enjoy them, you need to cook them first. How to eat: soak the legumes for approximately 12 hours. Boil them in salted boiling water for about 40 minutes, or at least until they are tender. Enjoy them according to the recipe you have chosen.

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