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Hazelnut Chocolate Nougat with whole...
Hazelnut Chocolate Nougat with whole...
Hazelnut Chocolate Nougat with whole...

Hazelnut Chocolate Nougat with whole hazelnut and coffee (seasonal product)


As always during the Christmas holiday the Italians never refuse some chocolate nougat. In addition with classic nougats we want to try something new like the Hazelnut  Chocolate Nougat with whole hazelnut and coffee. If you love cocoa you will get even more satisfaction from the coffee aroma that enriches the characteristic taste of pure cocoa and the unmistakable flavour of the best hazelnuts. Get ready to unwrap it, but most of all get ready to try it, all your friends will be satisfied.

Type: Nougat nutty coffee
Producer: Chocolate Mencarelli
Produced in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 200g


Mencarelli milk chocolate is the result of a careful craftsmanship of the precious raw material, the cocoa beans. This hazelnut in addition to the characteristic taste of milk chocolate and hazelnuts has a sweet but intense aroma given by the coffee. On the palate it is less sweet than the classic variant thanks to a dark chocolate covering that reveals its sweet secret when it opens.


Mencarelli - Cocoa Passion di Mencarelli Paolo. Via Roma, 57, 60031 Castelplanio AN. Cioccolateria Mencarelli was born from the will of the Master Chocolatier Paolo Mencarelli  to reinvent chocolate as valuable raw material. Starting from Castelplanio, in the heart of the Alta Vallesina Valley, Paolo Mencarelli and has looked for the best cocoa beans, which comes from South America and Madagascar, and refining his technique of chocolate maker, managed to create a new combinations and unexpected interpretations; he has made fine pralines and confectionery specialties made from pure chocolate, improving with Mediterranean flavours the chocolate tradition of the Marche.

Ingredients: roasted hazelnuts (32%), cocoa past, sugar powdered milk, cocoa butter, coffee (1%), emulsifier soy lecithin, vanilla extract. It mail contain traces of dried fruit and nuts, peanut, sesame, gluten.

Nutritional values for 100 gr: Kcal 604/2507 kj; Carbohydrates 35,3 g (of which sugar 28,6 g.); Fats 46,1 g. (of which satured fatty acids); Fibers 6,1 g.; Proteins 8,7 g.; Salt 0,013 g.

The hazelnut must be unwrapped and cut into pieces, to be offered as a dessert or to enjoy when you prefer. It should be stored in a cool and dry place and kept away from heat sources.

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