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Zuppa della Sibilla
Zuppa della Sibilla
Zuppa della Sibilla

Zuppa della Sibilla


A real delight is this Zuppa della Sibilla whose particular name is entirely dedicated to the Sibillini Mountains, where the farm of F.lli Angeli is located. A perfect combination of lentils, barley and spelled that make this soup truly fantastic.  Dedication, love for their land and tradition are the values of this family business.

Tipologia: Soup with legumes
Produttore: Azienda Le Delizie dei Fratelli Angeli
Prodotto in: Marche (Italia)
Peso netto: 500gr


Legumes are perfect for the creation of delicious soups. The main feature of this particular soup with legumes and cereals is the high quality of the ingredients that compose it, all grown respecting the ancient production methods and the environment.


Società agricola Angeli s.s. Strada S.Ilario. Frazione Capriglia. 62036 Pieve Torina (MC). The farm is located in Capriglia, a small town  at the foot of Bove Mountain. It's a small family business immersed in the greenery of the Sibillini Mountains Park. In this suggestive and healthy environment excellent products take shape, especially cheeses and cereals. Since 1960 they raise their animals in freedom and, during the summer, in green mountain pastures. 

Spelled, barley, lentil. It may contain traces of soy, gluten and lupins. Nutritional values for 100 gr: Energy: Kcal 348; Fats 2,9 g.; Carbohydrates 60,9 g. Dietary fibers 11,2 g. Proteins 17,5 g. Salt 0,012 g.

General information: Legumes are perfect for the creation of delicious soups, but with the addition of tomato sauce or other flavours, they can also be used to toss pasta dish. In any way you want to enjoy them, you need to cook them first. How to eat: soak the legumes for approximately 12 hours. Boil them in salted boiling water for about 40 minutes, or at least until they are tender. Enjoy them according to the recipe you have chosen.

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