Lavender and acacia honey
Lavender and acacia honey
Lavender and acacia honey
Lavender and acacia honey
Lavender and acacia honey
Lavender and acacia honey

Lavender and acacia honey


Its fragrance is unmistakable and immediately reminds to views with purple fields, but we are not talking about Provence, of course, but we're talking about the wonderful lavenders of Monte Conero. This precious Honey is born from the perfect combination of the best acacia honey with a slight touch of lavender essential oil, that returns its delicate aftertaste with the flavour of acacia honey, creating a unique product of its kind.

Type: Acacia honey with essential lavender oil
Producer: Ambrosia
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 250gr


Acacia honey is absolutely one of the finest and delicate nectar produced by bees. It has lovable taste, golden colour and smooth texture that make it an absolute favourite for all honey lovers. When you add a small touch of lavender essential oil, what you get is a very high quality and an exquisite taste. Acacia honey and lavender essential oil are produced directly by the Ambrosia company that owns its bees and its lavender at the bottom of Monte Conero to shape out this  truly outstanding product.


Ambrosia di Grossi Alex. Via della Repubblica, 7. Sirolo (AN). The "Craftsmen of nature", this is the slogan of the Ambrosia company from Sirolo. A slogan that is also a philosophy of their life. The purpose of this small company, located right in the wonderful Conero Park, is to grow high-quality products, to turn them in high quality products. On their crops, followed with love and passion, quality fruits and vegetables grow, without any help from pesticides or fertilizers, with the intention to bring ancient tastes on our tables. 

Italian acacia's honey 99,0%, lavender essential oil 0,1%. Nutrtional values for 100 gr: Energy: Kcal 335,3 Kj 1402,8. Fats 0,0 satured fatty acids 0,0. Carbohydrates 83,4 g. of which sugars 77,8 g. dietary fibers 0,0 g. Proteins 0,0 g. Salt 0,0 g.

General Information: The Honey is a delicious, healthy and, above all, energetic product. Perfect to savour on its own, a teaspoon after another, the honey is definitely a perfect sweetener for many beverages. Delicious as garnish on a variety of foods, such as yogurt, fruits, biscuits, but also savoury products such as aged cheeses or meat recipes. How to eat: Open the honey pot and pick the desired dose with a teaspoon and then enjoy it as you wish. Once used, close the pot and store in a dry place, but never in the fridge.

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