The Paccasassi are green plant that grow among the rocks of Monte Conero, where they fill up of saltiness wich give them  a typical "marine" taste. Slightly crunchy and with an intense flavor, in the past they were eaten together with bread and mortadella. Today the chefs of the bay serve them in the most original ways, together with fish, in tasty canapés, to enrich white sauces and even on Pizza!

Type: vegetables in oil
Producer: Ambrosia
Produced in: Marche (Italia)
Net weight: 175 gr


The Paccasassi or sea or sea fennel, are wild plants  that grow close to the sea, among the rocks of the natural reserve of the Conero Park. To keep the biodiversity of the park intact, this wild plant cannot be harvested but can be cultivated and this is what Ambrosia does. These plants are picked by hand, washed thoroughly, blanched in a solution of water and vinegar and finally put in oil. They're simply delicious.


Ambrosia di Grossi Alex. Via della Repubblica, 7. Sirolo (AN). The "Craftsmen of nature", this is the slogan of the Ambrosia company from Sirolo. A slogan that is also a philosophy of their life. The purpose of this small company, located right in the wonderful Conero Park, is to grow high-quality products, to turn them in high quality products. On their crops, followed with love and passion, quality fruits and vegetables grow, without any help from pesticides or fertilizers, with the intention to bring ancient tastes on our tables. 

Extra virgin olive oil, paccasassi (crithmum marittima) 42%, white wine, wine vinegar, salt. Nutritional values for 100 gr: Energy Kcal 559,1 e Kj 2339,4. Fats 61,0 g. of which satured fatty acids 8,8 g. Carbohydrates 1,1 g. of which sugar 1,1 g. Dietary fibers 0,6 g. Proteins 1,3 g. Salt 1,0 g.

General Information: The oil is a natural preserving agent, especially effective for food. Vegetables pickled in oil are ideal for composing appetizers, dressing salads, stuffing pizza or accompanying roasted and boiled meat or fish. How to eat: You can drain vegetables and serve them directly with meats and cheeses, or with roasted and boiled meals. You can use them also to stuff pizza, focaccie, sandwiches and savoury pies.

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