Lard with Truffle
Lard with Truffle
Lard with Truffle
Lard with Truffle
Lard with Truffle
Lard with Truffle

Lard with Truffle


Making a really delicious dish is not always easy, but if you have all the right ingredients it could be easy as pie. That’s why the Lard with Truffle of Longhi Tartufi is absolutely perfect to create a delicious meal. This lard is made by superfine lard of pig meat, enriched with Black Summer Truffle. You can use it with selected roasted meat or, if you prefer, you can try this lard simply with a slice of warm crispy bread. We are sure this product will satisfy your taste.

Type: Lard with Black Summer Truffle (Scorzone)
Producer: Longhi Tartufi
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 50gr


The Lard with truffle is very easy to use and it can change each simply dish into a really special meal. The most refined lard is enriched with Black Summer Truffle, well known as Scorzone, a special mix perfect for a lot of recipes.


Longhi Tartufi. Via Roma 103. 61049 Urbania (PU). Truffles are very abundant in the upper valley of Metauro and have always been considered the kings of the culinary arts; that is why the places where truffles grow are carefully kept secret by collectors. The history of Longhi Tartufi began in the '60s in Urbania, where Domenico Longhi opened a small truffle industry by capturing the collection of “the tartofaner”. Some of these "jewels" were processed and shipped to big cities such as Rome, Milan and Genoa. The small family business has gradually grown over the years, and it continues to increase thanks to the hard work and dedication of the new generations. Showing great love for the land and indissoluble attachment to tradition, Longhi Tartufi gives special attention to the selection of truffles, to offer consumers high quality products processed according to traditional family recipes.

Minced pork fat 96%, Black Summer Truffle 3%, salt, pepper, flavours. Nutritional Values for 100 gr: Energy Kcl 780, Kj 3211; Fats 84,7 gr of which acid satured fats 55,5 gr; Proteins 2,7 gr; Carbohydrates 1,7 gr of which sugar 0,0 gr; fibers 0,3 gr; salt 2,4 gr.

General information: this kind of lard is perfect to add flavour to roastbeef or for long cooking meat, and on the top of that, It’s fantastic with toasted bread or with meat sauce. How to use: Once first operning you can use the quantity you need for the recipe and then you have to close up the product and preserve in the fridge. 

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