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Panbrillo with Limoncello
Panbrillo with Limoncello
Panbrillo with Limoncello
Panbrillo with Limoncello

Panbrillo with Limoncello


All the intense aroma of Limoncello Liqueur ready to slice! Panbrillo with Limoncello, is a  very soft leavened product that contains candid lemons  soaked with Limoncello liqueur. A dessert with citrus flavors that has a refined and pleasant taste. One of the secret? The "Dino" yeast, able to make this special cake really soft and fragrant.

Type: Leavened product with Limoncello
Producer: Pasticceria Mimosa
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net weight: 650gr


The peculiarity of all the variants of Panbrillo by Pastry Chef Roberto Cantolacqua is the softness and fragrance of the dough, thanks to the contribution of its mother yeast. If we add to all this the most aromatic candied lemons soaked in the unmistakable limoncello liqueur, we obtain a dessert with an extra touch of originality, to be enjoyed all year round. Its original and colorful packaging make it a perfect gift for many occasions.


Pasticceria Mimosa s.a.s. di Roberto Cantolacqua Ripani & C. Viale Vittorio Veneto, 69, 62029 Tolentino (MC). The fortune of la Pasticceria Mimosa di Tolentino is due to his skillful pastry chef Roberto Cantolacqua. Since he was a child, Roberto took on with pastry making, thanks to his grandfather who owned a bakery. He has worked since he was teenager in the bakery, a fine flagship of Tolentino. He could be considered one of the best young italian pastry chef, thanks to his innovative and unique products, beautiful to see, and absolutely fine to taste.

Dough ingredients: type 00 soft wheat flour, sugar, butter, candied lemon 20% (lemons, water, sugar), water, eggs yolk, sourdough, orange paste, honey, egg whites, lemon paste, tangerine paste, salt, seed oil, vanilla pods.

Ingredients Alcoholic syrup (ALC. 14% VOL.): water, sugar, lemon distillate (water, sugar, alc. 70% vol.) It may contain traces of soypeanut and nuts

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100 gr: Energia kj 1294,18 Kcal 309,11; Carboidrati 47,26 g (di cui zuccheri 40,72); Grassi 11,34 (di cui acidi grassi saturi 0,67 g); Proteine 3,96 g; Sale 0,23 g; Fibre 1,33 g.

The Panbrillo is a dessert that was born from the creativity of Master Pastry  Roberto Cantolaqua. Cut a slice of cake and serve it next to a glass of sweet wine, it will be enough to get a magnificient dessert.

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