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Honeydew Honey Nicoflori 380gr
Honeydew Honey Nicoflori 380gr
Honeydew Honey Nicoflori 380gr

Honeydew Honey Nicoflori 380gr


Honeydew Honey is characterized by all other honeys as it is obtained from honeydew and not from a nectar. Honeydew is a sugary and sticky substance that forms on vegetation, particularly on the leaves of trees, and is collected by bees. This honey has a darker color and a denser texture, a distinctive and less sweet flavor and excellent healing properties. In the beautiful jar of Nicoflori it is also an excellent health gift!

Type: Honeydew Honey
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 380 g


Honeydew Honey like all honeys has antibacterial and healing properties and is a natural energizer. It is particularly rich in iron and is very useful for relieving cold symptoms, which is why it is widely used to sweeten infusions and herbal teas, but it is also excellent for making desserts or in accompaniment to cheeses. Each honey made by NICOFLORI is analyzed by ASSAM both through physico-chemical analyzes and through melissopalinological analyzes in order to certify the quality and guarantee the absence of acaricides for the varroa treatment. The honey is extracted in the laboratory by cold centrifugation and only after an accurate dehumidification phase in order to ensure it the right humidity  and therefore its shelf life. The NICOFLORI company is characterized by their 7 hectares entirely invested with honey crops (on, clover, sainfoin, medic ...) and this allows them to feed the bees in the most natural way possible without resorting to use of synthetic candied fruit.


Moretti Florindo Agricultural Company. Falerone (FM). NICOFLORI was born from the love of Nicoletta (Nico) and Florindo (Flori) for their territory and from the desire to continue to design their future together. Today the company, managed by both, is spread over 7 hectares entirely invested with honey crops available to reared bees. Initiated to the organic production system, they are committed to an innovative beekeeping activity, respectful of bees, with the aim of enhancing the products of the hive and spreading the culture of honey.

Honeydew Honey.

General Information: The Honey is a delicious, healthy and, above all, energetic product. Perfect to savour on its own, a teaspoon after another, the honey is definitely a perfect sweetener for many beverages. Delicious as garnish on a variety of foods, such as yogurt, fruits, biscuits, but also savoury products such as aged cheeses or meat recipes. How to eat: Open the honey pot and pick the desired dose with a teaspoon and then enjoy it as you wish. Once used, close the pot and store in a dry place, but never in the fridge.

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