Bestiale Craft Beer 75 cl
Bestiale Craft Beer 75 cl
Bestiale Craft Beer 75 cl

Bestiale Craft Beer 75 cl


A double malt Craft Beer Bestiale, has a flavour characterized by roasted malt and caramel can recall a pleasant flavour of licorice and coffee. With an intense amber colour with ruby hues, this beer has a strong taste being great as accompaniment of red pasta dishes, red meats and grilled meats and pizzas. A real treat also simple tasting with olives. 

Type: Red Beer
Producer: Birrificio Del Gomito
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Alchool Content %: 6.6% vol


Craft Beer Bestiale is made with high quality raw materials, it is not fermented nor filtered to keeps specific organoleptic characteristics. After fermentation and maturation, the beer is bottled and let further in the bottle until the day in which it is ready to be tasted. With its robust and energetic character, typical of the double malt Beers, Bestiale should preferably be served at a temperature between 10 and 12 degrees


Birrificio del Gomito. Via Gavone, 47/A, 60020 Agugliano (AN). It's located in Agugliano, a few kilometers from Ancona and from the Conero promontory. This small village is situated in the area of castles, along with Polverigi, Santa Maria Nuova, Offagna and Camerata Picena and is at the center of an area particularly attractive for landscape and tourism. The name of this small workshop is inspired by the history of, Ancona, which stands on a promontory shaped like an elbow, to protect the largest natural harbor in the central Adriatic. The city was founded by the Greeks in 387 B.C., and, because of the shape of this promontory, was called "ANKON", which in greek means elbow.

Water, malt wheat and barley, hops , yeast and sugar . It contains gluten. Unpasteurized and unfiltered. Fermented in the bottle.

General Information: Choosing the right beer is important not only to best accompany the dish but, of course, also to satisfy the preferences of the guests. In general, a lower alcohol beers go well with cheeses and meats, pizzas and focacce but also appetizers and fried food, more structured ones are also suitable as good accompaniment to grilled meats and pasta dishes. All the beears are great also to be tasted simply accompanied by crostini, bruschetta or crackers. How to drink: Even the beers, such as the wines should be served at the table at proper temperatures, usually between 4 and 12 degrees, depending on the product to emphasize.

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