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Candied Clementines pralines with...
Candied Clementines pralines with...
Candied Clementines pralines with...

Candied Clementines pralines with Honeybush and Mango


It's incredible the taste of these pralines with Candied Clementines with honeybush and mango. Due to their explosive taste, they  won the 2016 Chocolate Awards.  A bit of candied clementine citrus with mango perfume and enriched by honeybush, finally soaked  in a dark chocolate bath, what a mix of astonishing and inebriating tastes and scents, a real pleasure!

Typology: Candied fruits covered with chocolate
Producer: Pierre - Dolce al Cuore
Produced in: Marche (Italy)
Net weight: 100gr


Honeybush is a plant native to South Africa and belonging to the legume family. Used for the preparation of tea and drinks with beneficial properties, it contributes to the success, with mango, of these delicious whole candied clementines cut and covered with dark chocolate. The transparent packaging shows off the colorful wrapping of these pralines which are an excellent gift idea for lovers of everything exotic.


Pierre di Pelagagge Riccardo & c. snc. Via Amendola 4/b. Santa Maria Nuova (AN). Two hearts and a single passion, that's the common thread that binds Pelagagge Riccardo and Nicoletta Kent Fazi. The common passion led them to embark on this adventure together, with the intention of creating excellent pastries. Innovative ideas, original combinations and quality ingredients are the basis of the creations of Pierre Dolci al Cuore, a real goodies result of professionalism and genuine love.

As per manufacturer's label: Clementine, cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, glucose, honeybush, mango, natural vanilla, soy lecithin. It may contain traces of nuts, milk and / or derivatives.

Average nutritional values ​​for 100 gr: 1360.70 KJ / 325 Kcal; Fat 4 g (of which saturated fatty acids 3.8 g); Carbohydrates 70 g (of which sugars 68 g); Protein 2.6 g; Fiber 1 g; Salt 0.5 g.

General information: Chocolate is delicious to savor on its own, one bite after another, but it is also perfect to taste with liqueurs and spirits at the end of a meal, which enhance its taste. A small dose of chocolate is also suitable for a snack, both for adults and children and can also be used in the preparation of many desserts. How to use: Once you have opened the package and tasted or used the chosen amount of chocolate, close well and store in a dry place.

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