Ragù of the Marche Tradition
Ragù of the Marche Tradition
Ragù of the Marche Tradition
Ragù of the Marche Tradition

Ragù of the Marche Tradition


The Ragù of Marche Tradition is an ancient recipe of the Marche tradition highly evocative. It is the main element used for the "vincisgrassi"preparation, the classic lasagna from the Marche that boasts a version in each family. This delicious sauce can contain many different types of meat but the most frequent ones are beef, pork and chicken. As poultry, Disolocibo has selected an excellent chicken. Slowly cooked like any rags worth this name, it offers and excellent complexity of aromas.

Type: Tomato sauce with meats
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net weight: 180 gr


The meats used are exclusively selected from virtuous open-air farms. Living outdoors allows animals to move and forage spontaneously, thus avoiding the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. The Marchigiana PDO beef is raised bu the renowned Doriano Scibé farm, certified organic since the 1980s. The pigs are semi-wild raised by the Angeletti Enzo farm in Pollenza, where it is free to move outdoors and run. The natural nutrition is produced and controlled by the breeder himself. Even the San Bartolomeo free-range chicken is fed with selected non-GMO cereals and grains and lives all year round among the centuries-old olive trees of the Viterbo estate. For the preparation, Disolocibo selects only vegetables grown without pesticides and fungicides, including the famous flat onion of Pedaso (Slowfood presidium) grown by the rASOterra AgriCultura farm and the tomato sauce of the San Michele Arcangleo cooperative of Corridonia, famous for its nutritional properties and ethical-social commitment. The extra virgin is a blend of only Italian olives, and the salt is a wholemeal from Trapani obtained exclusively through natural processes, in a natural marine reserve managed by the WWF.


B.M. di Biagiola Marco & C. s.a.s. Via degli Allori 355, Montegranaro (FM). DISOLOCIBO was born from the idea of ​​Chef Marco Biagiola to bring to the market products of great value made with raw materials produced respecting the rhythms of nature and with techniques and knowledge of the highest level. Simplifying life for those who have little time to cook and giving emotions, evocative scents and childhood memories, these are the intentions behind this project. Strong bond with the territory, maniacal selection of raw materials, tradition of recipes signed by Chef Marco Biagiola prepared with a totally artisanal process, absence of synthetic additives, these are the DISOLOCIBO founding values . For this reason the company selects exclusively breeders who make their livestock live in the open by feeding them with natural food, fish suppliers who adopt sustainable techniques, farmers who avoid chemical shortcuts, mills that only deal with Italian olives.

Ingredients: 42% mixed meats (pork, grazing beef and chicken), tomato sauce, chicken livers, red flat onion from Pedaso SlowFood presidium, carrot, celery, Rosso Piceno wine, artisan lard, whole salt, bay leaf, black pepper. Manufactured in a facility that also processes cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, molluscs, eggs, fish, milk, nuts, sesame.

Nutritional values ​​for 100 gr: Energy 509 kj 121 kcal; Fat 6.9 g (of which saturated 2.5 g); Carbohydrates 2.9 g (of which sugars 1.9 g); protein 9.4 g; Salt 1.3 g

General Information: Ragu can be used for the preparation of Vincisgrassi, but surprising results can be obtained with any type of dry pasta. It will be sufficient to to season about 200 g of pasta.

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