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Proteins of the earth in gift box

Proteins of the earth in gift box


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Legumes are a great source of protein, that's why, Tasting Marche has selected the best legumes from the Marche, these legumes will make you amaze your guess. Quercia Chickpea, Cicerchia and Solfi Beans: all the taste of tradition in a simple soup. The Guanciale and Extra Virgin Olive Oil you will need to make your dish truly memorable.

Type: Legumes, Cured Meats, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Number of Items: 5
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 3.5 Kg 


A complete and nutritious lunch, made of legumes and cereals, is the perfect meal for a diet considered low calories and the high content of fibers and proteins. The producers selected from Tasting Marche have recovered traditional seeds that possess very special and unique organoleptic qualities. This Tasting Experience will give you the opportunity to sample a unique food and, at the same time, to follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Cicerchia Serra dei Conti Slow Food Praesidium. To be consumed after soaking and cooking. Nutritional values for 100 gr: Energy Kcal 314; Carbohydrates 52 g. Proteins 29,2 g. Dietary fiber 4,8 g. Fats 0,7 g.

Solfì beans. Products subject to natural shrinkage. May contain traces of gluten. Nutritional values for 100 gr: Proteins 22 g.; Fats 1,4 g.; Carbohydrates 64 g.; Dietary Fibers 27 g,;

Quercia chickpeas. Products subject to natural shrinkage. May contain traces of gluten. Nutritional values for 100 gr: Proteins 20 g.; Fats 2,1 g.; Carbohydrates 61 g.; Dietary Fiber 25 g.

Lentils from the Sibillini Mountains. It may contain traces of soy, gluten, lupins. Nutritional values ​​for 100 gr: Energy Kcal 332. Fat 1 g. Carbohydrates 51.1 g. Dietary fiber 13.8 g. Protein 22.7 g. Salt 0.02 g.

Extra virgin olive oil: prepared only with mechanical means. Extracted in Italy from olives grown in Italy. Nutritional values for 100 gr: Energy Kcal 824; Kj 3389; Proteins 0,0 g; Carbohydrates 0,0 g, of which sugars 0,0 g. Fats 92 g. of which saturated fatty acids 13 g. Salt 0,0 g.</p

Prepared for: Recommended for those who want to control the line in a healthy and balanced diet taking advantage of the opportunity to taste typical and delicious products. How to eat: The Quercia chickpeas, beans, lentils and cicerchia can be used in a variety of soups, either alone, or together with other legumes, or combined with other cereals . The caress of raw extra virgin olive oil will add precious nutrients.

Legumes chosen by Tasting Marche are unique and protected; the Azienda Agricola Nazareno Medei from Appignano (MC) supplies the Solfì Beans and Quercia chickpeas, Cicerchia is from the Cooperative La Bona Usanza from Serra dei Conti (AN) . The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by Oleificio Silvestri Rosina from Spinetoli (AP) while the Sibillini Lentils by the Azienda Agricola Le Delizie dei F.lli Angeli of Pieve Torina (MC). 

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