Delizia di Anice with Castignano's...
Delizia di Anice with Castignano's...
Delizia di Anice with Castignano's...

Delizia di Anice with Castignano's Green Anise


The Delizia di Anice with Castignano's Green Anise is a delicate and sweet liqueur thanks to the addition of native honey. It's characterized by the union of two Marche excellences, both Slow Food Presidia: the Castignano's Green Anise from organic cultivation and the Pink Apple of the Sibillini Mountains, both perfectly combined in the recipe of Terre dei Calanchi Piceni. Perfect when consumed cold, it represents a very tasty digestive thanks to its properties and unmistakable flavor.

Type: Distillate
Producer: Terre dei Calanchi Piceni
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 500ml
Alcohol content: 38% vol


Sweet Green Anise has a very delicate taste and a special aroma coming from the quality of the green anise seeds of Castignano. The anise from these lands is two or three times more fragrant than the varieties found in other areas of the Medeterranean. Green Anise is a sweet distillate rich in taste and aroma, it can be drunk straight or in coffee, thirst-quencing with ice and water, ideal for making desserts and cocktails.


Terre dei Calanchi Piceni di Gagliardi Giovanni. Via Sant'Angelo, 51, 63072. Ripaberarda di Castignano (AP). The rich and luxuriant hills are colored with olive trees and meandering vines and these green lands and generous with wing, oils, fruit and cereals are worked with love in an accurate, wise and respectiful way. The Terre dei Calanchi Piceni  products are born from this principle of love, a perfect synthesis of the desire to preserve this wonderful territory and the wise to use resources. 

Alcohol hydrate, sugar, honey, Sibillini's pink apple,  aroma (Castignano green anise 2%).

Delizia di Anice is excellent to enjoy after a meal as a digestif. It's perfect cold. How to use: Open the bottle and pour into liqueur glasses. Close the bottle and store in a dry place away from heat and light.

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